About sally

Sally received a Master of Architecture (MArch) from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London, Emergent Technologies and design (EmTech) which is mainly revolves and specializes in material organization and the design and development of systems in a variety of scales.

Her master thesis at the AA is about the wetlands ecosystems in the world in general and specifically the Mesopotamian marshland, the goal of her research is to offer a new model of human settlement for re-occupying the wetlands of Mesopotamia integrating agro-industrial functions in a sustainable way.

Sally’s interest is on the interdisciplinary effects of emergence, biomimetics and the evolutionary computational design and production technologies, which are developed as creative inputs for new architectural and urban design processes.

Studying the Architectural Association facilitated Sally’s way towards using advanced computational tools to reach creative architectural design solution on different scales.

Sally earned international working experiences by working in Germany and in Jordan focusing on projects in Iraq, which contributed to her knowledge of the Iraqi context, climate and the unique built environment of Iraq.

Sally is currently working in Germany focusing mainly on hotels designing and planning.